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    Zhanna Tumash
    An attentive and great doctor, Svetlana Ivanovna Hilkevich once again perfectly had my tooth fixed and leveled! I have treated by her for many years and she always makes the impossible possible! You're a wonderful doctor! Thank you!
    I'd like to say thanks very much to Andrey Evgenievich Orekhov for his professionalism, positive and attentive approach to the problems of the patient. The work was done flawlessly, although before the visit to dentistry, I mentally said goodbye to the tooth. Great clinic, I would recommend it to everyone.
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    Dental services
    Teeth whitening, Dental hygiene and prevention, Dental implantation, Dental prosthetics, X-ray of teeth, Surgical dentistry, Panoramic pictures of teeth, Teeth restoration, Teeth extraction, Removal of tartar, Installation of veneers, Installation of lumineers, Tooth splinting, Gum treatment
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